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Using the Price on Pollution to Create Permanent Support for Ottawa’s Active Transportation Networks

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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Today I announced that by using the price on pollution, Ontario Liberals would commit to dedicated funding for municipalities to expand and modernize cycling lanes and facilities, building on the province’s #CycleON Action Plan 2.0.

As Ottawa grows and diversifies, the ways people commute to work, social services and entertainment also change. Cycling has increasingly become a primary method of travel in our community and we must rise to meet this demand.

Through reliable and sustained funding, we will continue collaborating with municipalities to plan and build communities, routes and dedicated infrastructure that
support safe roads for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.

This commitment would build on several investments that the Liberal government has already made. Proceeds from the price on pollution will continue to fund projects that connect communities and build important linkages between existing infrastructure like how the new Clegg Street-Fifth Avenue pedestrian and cycling bridge will finally connect Ottawa East, the Glebe and Old Ottawa South after years of discussion.

Now that the Confederation Line LRT is nearing completion, Ontario Liberals are also using the money from price on pollution to transform the downtown Albert/Slater transit corridor into a “Complete Street” model to create a vibrant, green, downtown corridor that includes dedicated cycling infrastructure. This will use existing infrastructure in innovative ways while creating opportunities for local business, protecting our environment and providing cyclists and drivers a safer commute through our downtown core.

Since implementing the #CycleON Action Plan municipalities now have almost 5 years of experience on the planning, design and operation of cycling facilities under the Ontario Traffic Manual and have many lessons learned to inform their practices. Recognizing this evolution, Ontario’s #CycleON Action Plan 2.0 will continue to promote cycling for commuting, active living, recreation and tourism as well as help people learn how to cycle and share the road. Further, the #CycleON Action Plan 2.0 will update the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 18: Cycling Facilities, drawing on best practices from other Ontario’s cities and around the world.

By funding active transportation networks through price on pollution money we are finding responsible solutions to improve our environment and increase quality of life across Ottawa Centre. With continual mistakes in the NDP platform, who knows if we can trust their promises of expanding cycling in our city. Also, with absolutely no platform, and billions in promised cuts, including the price on pollution by the PCs, we should be worried about our city’s expansion, let alone cycling.